2017 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Leisure, games and fun / Professional

Hornet 2

  • Company
    JYU CO.,LIMITED, China
  • Lead Designer
    Kelvin Chan
  • Design Team
    Tan Wentai,Gao Song
  • Client
    Jyu Co.,limited
  • Project Link

JYU Hornet 2 have streamlined design. Every
contour was fashioned to creat beautiful and
aerodynamic design made to maximize speed
and agility.More energy and greater power
combine to give you a vastly impoved flight
experience. This upgraded intelligient
filght battery has built-in CPU and sensers
that you know the status and remaining power
of your battery in real time.The JYU MCU is
the control center of Hornet 2. It collect
data from the entire system,including motor
speed, GPS location. Processing and
analyzing flight data in real time. Built-in
chip can be calculated according to flight
attitude compensation in real time, driving
three-axis brushless motor rotation to keep
the camera smooth shooting in any situation
can capture a stable screen. The increased
efficiency and reliability that brushless
motor offers, along with its low weight and
small size.7-inch blades, dynamic balance
test,even in high-speed rotation of the
state also maintain a dynamic balance to
achive the test efficieny. Hornet 2 remote
has a sexy round curves on either side
holding the remote control part adopts high
quality silicone material, ergonomic sleek
design, gold grip. Hornet 2 high precision
remote control, in the case of guarantee
control precision,autonomous design of RC
airplane remote control rocker head relative
to other, more comfortable to the touch,
suitable for novices to use. While players
can also be removed for professional rocker

Photo Credit: Jyu Co.,limited