2017 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Leisure, games and fun / Professional


  • Company
    INNGAGE, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    André Gouveia
  • Design Team
    Nuno Pires
  • Client
  • Project Link

WonderCover® allows multiple and simultaneous
players to enjoy their favorite tabletop, quiz and
board games on a tablet. It’s the first device that
allows users to interact in group, in real-time,
around a tablet while keeping their “hand” hidden
through physical shields.

Envisioned by Magnética Apps and Crafts, a
Portuguese company dedicated to the development
and commerce of digital games, this product is the
hardware solution that complements their software
offer, with the mission of bringing people together
around a tablet. The challenge for INNGAGE was to
make this vision happen: How can we have four
people playing games around one tablet and make
sure nobody sees each others’ game?

After many prototypes and iterations the solution
converged into a beautiful and friendly tablet case
where the shields can be assembled (for interaction)
and then collapsed (for transportation), ensuring
that all the parts fit and stay together. The shields
(injected in PC/ABS), when pulled from the case
open instantly giving a better understanding of the
product. The incorporation of the collapsed shields
into the case increased its thickness by just 10mm,
regarding the market standard, which INNGAGE
transformed into an opportunity to improve the
ergonomics of the case. The compromise was to
offer the consumer a product that he could carry
around, be proud of and use for whatever purpose,
but also offer a solution that allows playing a variety
of games with friends and family. During this
development the shields were also design to
function as an independent product, and universal,
that fits to any tablet from 7”.

That’s how and why WonderCover® was born. The
first tablet gaming case for group interaction, with
integrated gaming shields where physical meets
digital in real life gaming experiences!

Photo Credit: Inngage