2017 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories / Professional

Garden Igloo

  • Company
    Gardenigloo, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Cagla Isin Alemdar
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Stylish conservatory, play area for children,
greenhouse or gazebo. Garden Igloo is all these
things. Convertible, robust and mobile.

Garden igloo is both weather-proof and rust
resistant, 100% recyclable, can be used all year
round and is set up without tools in two hours.

With its two seasonal covers, it provides shade
when it’s too hot and keeps out the cold while
you’re waiting for summer to arrive – as a play
area for children, storage area, garden shelter,
greenhouse, jacuzzi cover or pavilion. And now
the igloo also protects you from mosquitos with
an extra mosquito cover.

Geodesic domes have been called the most
efficient structural design ever conceived:

1) Sunlight is always transmitted at right angles
throughout the day for four seasons
2) Excellent air flow is maintained even in warm,
still weather conditions. The heat inside is
distributed evenly at all points.
3) The geodesic dome form is superior to
conventional shaped rooms in sustaining better
airflow and a uniform temperature inside.
4) The geodesic form of the dome allows for the
most robust design possible to withstand the
strong wind

Photo Credit: Gardenigloo