2017 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment / Professional

Cross Systems

  • Company
    KOMPAN A/S, Denmark
  • Lead Designer
    Nikolaj Maj Bentsen
  • Design Team
    Martin Johansen, Rob Boogmans, Nikolaj Maj Bentsen
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With Cross Systems, we wish to inspire people
to engage in a healthy and happy lifestyle by
providing them freely accessible places to
exercise alone or in groups, and by offering
trainers a centered area to teach their
workout classes outdoors. It demanded high
flexibility in the design to create a modern
outdoor gym for the public space that is
appealing to trained and untrained
adolescents, adults and seniors. Popular
fitness activities are based on many loose
items, e.g. kettle bells and suspension
trainers. The unique solution keeps the
flexible functionality of loose elements and
follows safety standards for unsupervised
permanent outdoor exercise facilities. Central
to Cross Systems is scalable resistance,
allowing everyone to train according to
individual levels of fitness. Training
intensity can be determined in three different

• By adjusting the body position to add
more or less resistance
• Opting for a light/medium/heavy weight
to exercise with
• Simply adjusting one’s speed of

Safe free weight training in the outdoors is
made possible through an innovative patent
pending breaking system. The different weights
move freely up and down a vertical tube,
featuring a magnetic breaking system that
offers controllable resistance, and prevents
the weights from dropping to the surface and
slows down the fall to a reduced pace. Cross
Systems is designed as a modular, open and
inviting structure. Six different standard
frames can stand alone or be placed as joined
structures, ideal for group training. A free
app for iOS and Android is connected for
improved functionality. The app functions as
an online personal trainer, guiding users on
exercise and nutrition, while motivating them
to stay active. The app also facilitates
social interaction between users through a
social wall, where tips and experiences can be
shared, and a calendar system where people can
coordinate group workouts.

Real training for the outdoors – made freely available for everyone.
KOMPAN has designed and manufactured outdoor playgrounds since 1970. Throughout the past decade, the experience of designing high quality outdoor equipment has also been combined with fitness expert knowledge to create innovative outdoor fitness equipment. The aim is to create equipment that inspire people to get started, provide the same professional experience as you would expect from an indoor gym, and motivate people to come back for more.

Other prizes
The KOMPAN fitness product line, Cross Systems, won in 2017 the European Product Design Award and the Good Design Award in Australia.

Photo Credit: Kompan A/s