2017 / Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment / Professional


  • Prizes
    Gold in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Exercise Equipment
  • Company
    Indio da Costa AUDT for Movement, Brazil
  • Lead Designer
    Guto Indio Da Costa
  • Design Team
    Guto Indio da Costa, Pedro Antunes, Guilherme Baere, Flavio Santos
  • Client
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The EDGE Fitness equipment is primarily focused on
small and medium-sized gyms, where the cost and size
of the equipment plays a critical aspect for the
economic balance sheet (rented area x number of
students). Therefore, a compact line was developed
with a single weight tower. It is possible to mount the
tower open or protect with polycarbonate side glasses
the weights movement. Large attention was paid to
ergonomic, biomechanical and design aspects, which
allowed to create a completely new and in its market
segment clearly differentiated product family.

Photo Credit: Indio Da Costa Audt For Movement