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One battery charger

  • Company
    One, Russian Federation
  • Lead Designer
    Katerina Kopytina
  • Design Team
    Design: Katerina Kopytina Product manager: Ilya Vasich Engineering: Mikhail Oleynikov
  • Client
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  • Other credit
    Package Design: Nika Levitskaya Photo: Facultative.works, Ivan Chikin.

'One’ is a small external battery charger. It has two
connectors which allows you to charge the phone as well
as move photos, music and more. 'One' is designed for
the a city dweller who doesn’t need to carry around large
power battery, but wants to simply have their phone
survive quietly until the end of the working day, charging it
to coveted 70%.
Short cables and little size allow to charge a phone while
talking. Connectors have magnets inside that stick to the
body of the charger and make it easy to use as well as
give a nice feeling of interaction.
Comes in 3 colours.

Photo Credit: One
Credits: Package design: Nika Levitskaya Photo: Facultative.works, Ivan Chikin.