2017 / Media And Home Electronics / Consumer electronics and cameras / Professional

Fixed Line Essential Router

  • Prizes
    Silver in Media and Home Electronics/Consumer electronics and cameras
  • Company
    Vodafone, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Daniel Schubert, Rudolf Voigt, Anne Schlösser
  • Design Team
    Felix Binder, Abigail Potié, Alina Jörißen, Bert Schurgers
  • Client
  • Project Link

This entry level router is part of Vodafone’s new Design
language for fixed line products. In today's homes,
consumer electronics such as routers, cameras or speakers
are either featured (Sonos, Apple...), hidden (in the
basement, under a desk), or just tolerated. This product
aims to fit into neither one of these categories, instead, it
blends into a modern interior, by being a quiet, anonymous
servant to the user. More like a static objects placed on a
shelf, less like a blinking, shouting consumer electronics

Photo Credit: Vodafone