2017 / Media And Home Electronics / Cameras, Video Cameras and Equipment / Professional


  • Prizes
    Bronze in Media and Home Electronics/Cameras, Video Cameras and Equipment
  • Company
    Trig Creative Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Reed
  • Design Team
    Alex Smith
  • Client
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Nctech Reality Imaging Systems

Trig Creative worked alongside NCTech, in
developing their iris360 camera. The product
is used by Google Photographers for Google’s
Street View Trusted program and is one of a
limited number of spherical cameras available
for instantly publishing to Street View. Once
the images are captured, the user has the
option to either conveniently stitch the
images on board the camera immediately, or
choose to stitch later.

When NCTech teamed up with Google in 2015 to
bring a new camera to market specifically
developed to streamline the capture and
upload of 360 degree images to Street View,
they commissioned Trig to develop the
product’s aesthetic, user interface and
mechanical components.

Working closely with NCTech’s in-house team
in the UK and specialists in capacitive touch
controls in the States, Trig developed an
enclosure for the product that catered for
the positioning and stability of the lenses
by utilising precision machined aluminium
components. The internal construction and
external surfaces of the product were
developed to provide a robust, striking
aesthetic for the polycarbonate casing. As
the technology inside the product was
developed and modified the design team had to
quickly adapt and adjust the industrial
design of the product to incorporate
technological advancements and alternations.
By working closely with the in-house
technical team at NCTech and utilising 3D
printing and rapid prototyping techniques
designs were developed, printed and testing
in 24 hours to allow for changes in layout
and specification of internal components and
facilitate a flexible and adaptable approach
to the product’s gestation.

By utilising latest rapid tooling
technologies and producing injection moulding
tools in Aluminium in a matter of weeks,
NCTech were able to fulfil its orders and
ship the product within 10 months of starting
the project to meet its commitment to Goggle
and deliver the product on time.

Photo Credit: Trig Creative Ltd
Credits: NCTech Reality Imaging Systems