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360fly 4k | H

  • Company
    360fly, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Claudio Ribeiro
  • Design Team
    360fly team ( Claudio Ribeiro, Michael Harmon, Felippe bicudo & Billy Robertson
  • Client
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Worked Closely With Bell And Giro Helmets In Creating An Integrated Solution.
  • University
    College For Creative Studies

The 360fly 4K | H is unlike any other 360 camera,
capturing everything all around you in stunning
clarity; while harmonizing with riders in any
environment. Users don’t need to make
compromises to how they capture the ride. Our
camera is designed to sit flush into its setting,
not awkwardly on top of it. Which means users
can focus on what they love.
360fly 4K | H does much more than capture video
and audio, it also provides intelligent safety
features, using machine learning software.
Camera recognizes objects within the
surrounding 360 world. For rider safety this
changes everything. 360fly 4K | H can interpret
this information and relay smart alerts to riders
on possible dangers surrounding them. Camera
is also clever enough to allow users to overlay
telemetrics from their ride, right onto their video.
In the app, the user simply checks which
contextual statistics they think are meaningful,
such as speed, lap time, heartbeat, or a change
in altitude to name a few. More context immerses
viewers deeper into the user’s experience.
Meticulously engineered to thrive in strenuous
environments, whether you’re motorcycling down
the highway in a thunderstorm, barreling down a
mountain in below zero temperatures, or riding
through thick wooded brush on your mountain
bike, you can count on 360fly 4K | H to withstand
the punishment. Our camera meets durability
standards so high, that it can be worn by police
officers as the next generation of body cams.
And with 360fly’s mobile and desktop apps, it’s
never been easier to edit and share with the
world. So imagine fewer boundaries and expand
the picture. Surround yourself with intelligence.
Grab life; and add a replay button. This is bigger
than a camera—it’s about getting more out of the
moments that are yours. Life is simply just too
rich to only capture part of it.

Other prizes
2016 CES Honoree for 360fly4K H 2016 INC Iconic design Award Finalist 2016 iF Design award - V.360° 2015 International Design Awards - SILVER Award for V.360° 2015 A-Design Award SILVER Winner -V.360° 2015 IDEA Featured Finilist - V.alrt 2015 IDEA Featured Finilist - V.360° 2015 Good Design Awards - V.Alrt - Personal Emergency Device 2015 Good Design Awards - V.360° Camera

Photo Credit: 360fly
Credits: Worked closely with Bell and Giro helmets in creating an integrated solution.