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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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    More Than 700 Design Awards Between 1987 And 2016. For Example: 237 If Product Design Awards; 169 Red Dot Design Awards; 114 German Design Award ... And Other More.

The design of the new Kobold VR200 vacuum
robot was developed in close cooperation with
the Vorwerk design department. Clarity and
coherence distinguish the new Vorwerk design
language. The powerful silver and the robust
anthracite colours emphasize technological
pre-eminence, while the classic white
symbolises freshness and cleanness. The
striking outline of the top surface mediates
between the external shape and the all-around
laser scanner. The Vorwerk colour scheme
allows for intuitive user operation. With its
D-shape and a lateral brush, this agile
vacuum robot delivers a perfect vacuuming
result down to the last corner. The robot
orients itself in a room via laser scanner
and moves across the floor systematically.
Rotating brushes as well as a low-noise and
maintenance free engine achieve an efficient
cleaning result. Longevity in terms of shape
and function.

Other prizes
More than 700 Design Awards between 1987 and 2016. For example: 237x iF product design awards, 169x red dot design awards, 116x german design awards ... and other more.

Photo Credit: Phoenix Design / Vorwerk Kobold
Credits: More than 700 Design Awards between 1987 and 2016. For example: 237 iF product design awards; 169 red dot design awards; 114 German Design Award ... and other more.