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The Grid

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    Ricard Ferrer

The Grid once again emphasizes how design remains the essence of the Cosmic spanish brand. This new collection is a proposal of architectural inspiration designed to equip bathrooms with a comprehensive range of furniture, basins, shower plates, mirrored cabinets and highly creative, functional accessories. Designer Ricard Ferrer based his concept on the dialogue between parallel lines, developing proportional shapes that together build a story. The wash basins, available in 60cm, 80cm, and 100cm and manufactured in solid surface Cristaplant Biobased©, may be installed with or without a unit. They also include an innovative new system, the water container, which allows water to be retained during personal hygiene such as shaving. The unit with one drawer features technological solutions for a modern lifestyle: a LED light that automatically lights up when the drawer is opened; a socket and a stereo speaker with Bluetooth connection. This set can be completed with a lower module available with a fixed or sliding shelf for storage items on display. Multi-usage accessories The Grid includes a wide range of accessories inspired in its architecture and geometric proportions. Some of the pieces have been designed to provide double usage. Prime examples are the container, which, depending on the installation, can be used as a towel- shelf, and the brush holder / soap dish, which can alternatively become a double capacity brush holder. Another example is the portable unit which includes a toilet paper holder, toilet brush, and waste bin, and also has an extra storage space in the top. A clear example of combining design with maximum functionality. The accessories combine chrome, matte white or matte black finishes with white acrylic glass.

Photo Credit: Cosmic