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    Platinum in Home Interior Products/Bathroom Fittings/Appliances
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    Tsang Ching Pun
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With the continuous development of industry in the society, the demand for fresh water is also increasing, and the important of saving water has been the consensus of human being nowadays. In our daily life, toilets and bathrooms are the spaces that have multi-sources of water usage.

This design is mainly concentrated in exploring some environmental Friendly proposals for the design of the modern sanitary equipment.
“GREEN SWEEPER” is a multi-function water closet and it composes of the upper and lower portions. The main design concept of GREEN SWEEPER is “Recycle of waste water”. It can be treated as a large capacity water tank combining the function of wash basin and water closet. It saves space and makes use of the waste water generated from the daily life for flushing purpose. The large capacity water tank can also store and make use of waste water from the bathroom equipment and other domestic consumption above.
“GREEN SWEEPER” provides high quality and environmental friendly living style.

Tsang Ching Pun graduated from Birmingham City University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Interior Design. His scope of work includes interior design, space planning, furniture and product design. His design vision goes beyond the pursuit of visual satisfaction and resides fundamentally in solving problems. Being the winner of several international Design awards, such as Red dot Design, IF Design Award,International Design Award (IDA), Architizer A+ Awards and IAI Design Award, Tsang and his works have won recognition worldwide.

Other prizes
-2018 IF Design Award(professnoal concept) -2016 Red Dot Award(Design Concept) – Red Dot -IDA 2015( International Design Awards)–Gold( BathrooFittings/Appliances ) -IDA 2015( International Design Awards)–Silver(Products-Interior Furniture) -IDA 2015( International Design Awards)–Silver (Home Interior Products-Furniture) -IDA 2015( International Design Awards) – Silver (Recycling Equipment) -IDA 2015( International Design Awards) - Honorable Mention (Residential) -2016 Architizer A+ Awards – Finalist (Seating-Residential) -2016 Architizer A+ Awards – Finalist (Furniture-Office System) -2015 IAI Design Award - the Best Environment Award ( product concept) -中国2015 IAI Design Award - Design Excellence Award (Interior Concept) -中国2015 IAI Design Award - Design Excellence Award(Interior-Restaurant) -中国2015 IAI Design Award - Design Excellence Award (Product-Furniture) -中国2015 IAI Design Award - Design Excellence Award (Product Concept - Furniture )- EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD – 2017 PLATNUM PRIZE WINNER(Gap – Light) - EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD – 2017 PLATNUM PRIZE WINNER(Green Sweeper) - EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD – 2017 GOLD PRIZE WINNER(Floting) - A DESIGN AWARD ( 2016 – 2017) – Silver (#48917 Green Sweeper) - A DESIGN AWARD ( 2016 – 2017) – Silver (#48824 Floting) - A DESIGN AWARD ( 2016 – 2017) – Runner up (#50505 M – Cloud) - IDA(International Design Awards) 2016– Gold - IDA(International Design Awards) IDA 2016– Bronze

Photo Credit: Perfect Interior Arcitecture