2017 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop / Professional

Oyster Knife

  • Company
    A'Domo, Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Nik Baeyens
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A professional oyster knife that will
captivate anyone, left- or right handed, due
to its functional design. Embarked on a
mission, Nik Baeyens got to business. For
oyster knife ‘adam’ he found inspirational
advice in Australia. The result is ingenious
and enthralling innovative. And hence ‘adam’
was patented.
With its glistening solid steel in
layers the oyster knife urges to be held.
Tough and elegant at the same time,
and tactile. The oyster knife marketed by
Point-Virgule looks ravishing and excels
primarily because of its functionality and
ergonomic design. “I always kept the
of the object in mind and could therefore
on the extensive experience of Dwayne
that has been opening all different types of
oysters daily throughout the years,” thus
Baeyens. “Without his knowledge and advice I
could never have accomplished this final
result. We created ‘adam’ together.”
The combination of Nik’s design and
feel and the experience and technical
knowledge of Dwayne produced an oyster knife
that can be used on both sides without the
issue of left- or right handed use. “Due to
its asymmetric layered shape and the length
the hilt, the oyster knife fits perfectly in
any hand,” tells Nik Baeyens as to clarify
unusual design. “And because of the
in thickness and layers the knife can be
in different ways.” Resembling a stylised
oyster, the design adds a highly artistic
to the knife.
The professional and patented oyster knife
‘adam’ consists of a stainless steel hilt,
which makes upkeep easy, and a high-quality
steel blade of 58° on the scale of Rockwell.
This is an ideal grade of toughness. A
level would result in breakage as this level
rends the knife a perfect ductility for
professional use.

Photo Credit: A'domo