2017 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop / Professional

Sharpening tool "Slider"

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop
  • Company
    Designstudio Team Tentakulus, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Sven Fischer, Jens Rohdenburg
  • Client
    Ed. Wuesthof Dreizackwerk Kg, Solingen, Germany
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    Knife Sharpening Requires A Particular Skill. Amateur Cooks Often Fear That The Use Of Conventional Sharpening Tools Will Scratch Or Damage Their Valuable Knife Blades. If They Do Not Want Drawers Full Of Dull And Damaged Blades They Can Now Sharpen Their Knives More Effectively And Safely With The Slider.This New Tool Brings The Solingen Tradition Together With The Centuries Old Craftsmanship Into The Home Kitchen Making Them Available To The Domestic Customer. A Wedge Made Of Stainless Steel Fixes The Blade At An Angle Of 14 Degrees Permitting Even Sharpening Of The Blade. A Silicone Surface Of The Wedge Prevents The Blade From Slipping.Ceramic Inserts Are Fitted To The Underside Of The Wedge, Allowing The Blade To Be Guided Along A Traditional Sharpening Stone. This Means That Knife Sharpening Becomes A Routine Event Rather Than A Test Of Courage.The Company Wüsthof Is Located In Solingen And The Blades Which They Produce Are Known Worldwide For Their Quality And High Durability. The Slider Is Manufactured In The Same Tradition. The High-quality Stainless Steel Body, The Food-safe Silicone And The Abrasion-proof Ceramic Inserts Combine, To Create A Precise And Effective Working Unit.The Shape Of The Slider Derives From The Direction Of The Movement. The Abstracted Arrow Heads Form The Body Of The Wedge And Create An Ergonomic Recessed Grip. Small Holes In The Silicone Surface Allow The Water And The Grinding Sludge To Be Absorbed. Curved Edges On The Stainless Steel Wedge Ensure A Comfortable Grip And Reduce The Risk Of Accidents.Our Top Priority Was To Design A Tool Which Is Both Extremely Simple To Use And Highly Functional. The Slider Needs Neither To Be Fixed To A Work Surface Nor Awkwardly Fastened To The Blade Of The Knife. Its Dimensions And Proportions Allow Straightforward And Cramp Free Usage.- The Slider Is Placed Lengthways On The Wet Sharpening Stone. - The Knife Is Placed Transversely On The Slider - With Gentle Pressure The Blade And Slider Are Moved Forwards And Backwards Along The Length Of The Sharpening Stone. - The Knife Is SharpWith The Slider Fixed At An Angle Of 14 Degrees, Anyone Can Accurately And Cleanly Sharpen Different Sized Knives. Different Sizes Of Knives Can Be Easily Held By The Guide Hand Without The Blades Being Scratched. By Using The Slider Expensive And Valuable Knives Can Be Sharpened By Left Or Right Handed Users Without Any Problems.The Different Elements Of The Sharpening Tool (slider) Can Be Easily Separated And Are Fully Recyclable. The Slider Has A Long Shelf Life And Is Very Durable. Knives Which Are Sharpened With The Slider Can Be Used Repeatedly And Over A Long Period Of Time. This Avoids Frustration And The Need To Prematurely Replace Expensive Knives – A Positive Feature In The Life Span Of This Product.Combination Of Materials-wedge Made Of Stainless Steel -silicone Surface: Prevents The Knives Slipping From The Sharpening Stone -ceramic Inserts: Permits Sliding Over The Grinding Whetstone

Knife sharpening with whetstones is a
centuries old craftsmanship. The SLIDER
brings this skill into the home kitchen.
Expensive and valuable knives can be
sharpened at an angle of 14 degrees by left
or right handed users without any problems
and the blades cannot be scratched. Our top
priority was to design an ergonomic
innovative tool which is both, simple to use
and highly functional. The high-quality
stainless steel body made in Solingen, the
food-safe silicone and the abrasion-proof
ceramic inserts combine, to create a precise
and effective working unit.

Other prizes
iF Design Award 2016, Plus X Award 2016, Adam Award 2015, Galaxy Awards 2015, Gala Awards 2015

Photo Credit: Designstudio Team Tentakulus
Credits: Knife sharpening requires a particular skill. Amateur cooks often fear that the use of conventional sharpening tools will scratch or damage their valuable knife blades. If they do not want drawers full of dull and damaged blades they can now sharpen their knives more effectively and safely with the SLIDER.This new tool brings the Solingen tradition together with the centuries old craftsmanship into the home kitchen making them available to the domestic customer. A wedge made of stainless steel fixes the blade at an angle of 14 degrees permitting even sharpening of the blade. A silicone surface of the wedge prevents the blade from slipping.Ceramic inserts are fitted to the underside of the wedge, allowing the blade to be guided along a traditional sharpening stone. This means that knife sharpening becomes a routine event rather than a test of courage.The company Wüsthof is located in Solingen and the blades which they produce are known worldwide for their quality and high durability. The SLIDER is manufactured in the same tradition. The high-quality stainless steel body, the food-safe silicone and the abrasion-proof ceramic inserts combine, to create a precise and effective working unit.The shape of the SLIDER derives from the direction of the movement. The abstracted arrow heads form the body of the wedge and create an ergonomic recessed grip. Small holes in the silicone surface allow the water and the grinding sludge to be absorbed. Curved edges on the stainless steel wedge ensure a comfortable grip and reduce the risk of accidents.Our top priority was to design a tool which is both extremely simple to use and highly functional. The SLIDER needs neither to be fixed to a work surface nor awkwardly fastened to the blade of the knife. Its dimensions and proportions allow straightforward and cramp free usage.- the SLIDER is placed lengthways on the wet sharpening stone. - the knife is placed transversely on the SLIDER - with gentle pressure the blade and SLIDER are moved forwards and backwards along the length of the sharpening stone. - the knife is sharpWith the SLIDER fixed at an angle of 14 degrees, anyone can accurately and cleanly sharpen different sized knives. Different sizes of knives can be easily held by the guide hand without the blades being scratched. By using the SLIDER expensive and valuable knives can be sharpened by left or right handed users without any problems.The different elements of the sharpening tool (SLIDER) can be easily separated and are fully recyclable. The SLIDER has a long shelf life and is very durable. Knives which are sharpened with the SLIDER can be used repeatedly and over a long period of time. This avoids frustration and the need to prematurely replace expensive knives – a positive feature in the life span of this product.Combination of materials-wedge made of stainless steel -silicone surface: prevents the knives slipping from the sharpening stone -ceramic inserts: permits sliding over the grinding whetstone