2017 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop / Professional


  • Company
    Tarrerias Bonjean, France
  • Lead Designer
    Marie-France Ranchoux
  • Design Team
    Yannick Blanc
  • Project Link

This series is fitted with all the
characteristics of a high-performance knife:
a full-tang blade
crafted from tempered, superior French
MOX27CO steel, high gauge (3mm), and
professionally sharpened by
state-of-the-art automated system with
diamond sharpeners.

In addition, this series presents 3 unique
features which make these knives exceptional
1) a black non-stick coat for a flawless use.
2) The ABS handle is secured onto the full
tang using ultrasonic welding technology for
3) These knives feature the unique and
revolutionary EVERCUT® technology which
produces an extremely
sharp cutting edge that lasts virtually
forever, without requiring any sharpening
ever. EVERCUT® is a
true technological gem that required 5 years
of R&D and resulted in a revolution in the
process of
manufacturing knives! TB created a new
material from titanium carbide, one of the
hardest materials on
earth after diamond. Using a state-of-the-art
laser beam (at a 7000°F instant temperature),
we fuse
this ultra-solid material onto stainless
steel to create the cutting edge of the
blade. This process
allows us to combine the flexibility of
stainless steel with the durability of
titanium carbide, which
results in an unbreakable, everlasting
cutting edge. Independent British CATRA
laboratory, specialized
in cutlery performance testing, performed
extensive tests on the EVERCUT® technology.
Their results
show that, EVERCUT® knives cut 300 times
longer than conventional steel blades and up
to 5 times longer
than ceramic blades. And if you don’t trust
the lab, every EVERCUT® cutting edge is
lifetime guaranteed
because at TB, we simply believe in our

In short, these knives offer unheard-of
cutting performance and durability, and
feature a very unique
and sleek look. It’s not a coincidence that
the word “Furtif” translates to stealth in
English, as the
black on black tone, the faceted handle and
the overall aerodynamic design have obvious
parallels to
stealth flying machinery.

Photo Credit: Tarrerias Bonjean