Gold 2017 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Furniture / Professional


  • Company
    Alno Ag
  • Director
    Ulrich Dahm-wachsmann
  • Design Team

DISCOVER A NEW AND MULTIFACETED WORLD: ALNOATTRACT. Since 1927, ALNO has set itself the task of creating kitchens with the highest standards of design, functionality and craftsmanship. Resulting from this philosophy, the new ALNOATTRACT impresses with a perfect symbiosis of simple pragmatism and emotional appeal. Current trends are seized upon through the playful design of jumps, breaks and offsets. At the same time, ALNO remains true to tried and tested materials such as oak, smoke glass and metal. The new elements defer with respect to those already in existence – thus creating a harmonious sense of space with individual character. The subtle use of structure and proportions allows tradition and vision to blend with ease. Thanks to the great amount of attention paid to appealing details such as the accented rib structures. ALNOATTRACT captivates the observer above all through its visual perfection. The soft lighting scenario emphasizes depth, transparency and ambience. ALNOATTRACT – a kitchen that you will discover anew every day.

Photo Credit: Alno Ag
Credits: OPPOSITES ATTRACT: BALANCED ASYMMETRY THAT CREATES HARMONY. The virtuoso interplay between visual and material opposites distinguishes the ALNOATTRACT. Classic natural wood finishes meet futuristic front panels made of transparent smoke glass. Vertical rib structures serve as extraordinary design elements and arouse the curiosity of the viewer. The balanced mix of redundancy and innovation creates an extremely coherent design. The prominent asymmetry creates tension and creates fresh impetus, while the overall composition gives a sense of security and order. Alongside the perf rated ribbed breaks, the vertical support carrier structure is a particular eye catcher.