2017 / Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances / Professional


  • Prizes
    Silver in Home Interior Products/Kitchen Appliances
  • Company
    TTK Prestige Limited, India
  • Lead Designer
    Dyutiman Moulik (incue)
  • Design Team
    Chandru Kalro Balachandran S. Dinesh Garg Ramesh R.
  • Client
    Ttk Prestige Limited
  • Project Link

Hobtop is the first and only freestanding gas
cooktop designed for Indian market, which can
also be installed as hob, as per user's
convenience. It is marketed to encourage
responsible buying choice for long term use,
because propane or natural gas is cheaper and
more reliable source of fuel compared to
intermittent electricity. Small families as
tenants can use it as cooktop and in future as
owners can use as hob.

Hobtop compliments a modern kitchen with a
clean and slim aesthetic language. The
tempered glass has universal appeal of
black/white contrast that visually separates
cooking zone from controls. Due to high urban
density in emerging cities, the popular trend
is compact yet modular apartment kitchens - an
important criteria for Hobtop to be very
space-efficient (60cm hob), but at the same
time provide improved workspace visibility and
gap between elements. The burners are
specifically made for high-flame cooking,
having 70% efficiency tested as highest in the
world, with 50% less emission compared to
fabricated brass burners. The cast iron pan
support is compatible on any burner and
reliably supports both flat and round bottom
cookware. The knobs are made of injection-
molded plastic, drip trays from stainless
steel, bumpers and stands are molded from
rubber. Indian cuisine uses oil with spice,
due to which, after cooking, it is a common
practise to wipe clean underneath the kitchen
platform by lifting up the cooktop - at that
stance, the entire cooktop rests on two rubber
bumpers at the rear. The bumpers also protect
the glass edge from inadvertently hitting the
rear while re-positioning on platform after
cleaning. The gas inlet valve is positioned
for ease of access in both kinds of
installation. In all, hobtop uses less but
better components for longevity.

Photo Credit: Ttk Prestige Limited