2017 / Home Interior Products / Textiles/Floor Coverings / Professional


  • Company
    Ayka Design, United Kingdom
  • Lead Designer
    Karen Michelle Evans
  • Design Team
    Karen Michelle Evans
  • Client
    Ayka Design
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LACE is inspired by its bold and strong

The lights cast shadows on the face, evoking a
sense of drama to the features of the woman.

Using innovated new techniques of twisted silk
yarns with long threads and flat looped knots,
a modern abstract pattern is created.

Textures are introduced to add a third
dimension to the face by long silk yarns
overlapping each other as the monochromatic
tones of blacks, whites and greys stand next
to each other revealing and concealing the
design. The yarns are flattened or raised,
forming shades and shadows and giving depth of
wisdom across of the map of the face.
The technique of double dipping the handspun
yarn enhances the colour variations on the
yarn before weaving. Dip-dyed yarns give
gradations in colour that can range from
subtle colourways to a stronger boldness as it

The rug design is woven in Tibetan knot to a
high quality of 110 knots only using the
highest quality of 100% Handspun silks. The
size is 2500mm by 3000mm.

Photo Credit: Ayka Design