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Neva Chair

  • Company
    Regular Company
  • Director
    Ruder Novak-mikulic
  • Design Team
    Marija Ruzic Marinko Murgic Tihomir Filipec

The character of the Neva chair derives from the poetics of the wave, suggested by the continuous line that moves from the front leg to the arm and from the armrest to the back. And like a wave, the chair is completely fluid and rounded, soft in its transitions. Maximally thin, extremely light, it completely reflects the technological process that created it, that is, the combination of 5-axis CNC technology and the precise hand finishing of experienced craftsmen. The wooden joints are reinforced just in the right places, keeping the chair as light as possible, but stil stable and functional. The challenge was to design a product that will be visually as clean and pure as possible, without overthinking the form and overusing the technology, while still having a distinctive and recognizable character. The Neva chair is available in 6 different types of wood (oak, walnut, maple, elm, cherry and pear), with various natural finishes (oils and soaps). The seat can be ordered in solid wood, or upholstered with leather or fabric.

Photo Credit: Regular Company
Credits: Photography: Marija Gasparovic, Domagoj Kunic