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Table "bree E Onda"

  • Company
    Fabio Passon & Marco Savorgnani
  • Director
    Fabio Passon
  • Design Team
    Marco Savorgnani

Designed by Fabio Passon and Marco Savorgnani for Riva 1920, the "Bree e Onda" table is a mix of traditional craft and contemporary technology (in friulian, land of the designers, means Wood and Wave). The table continues the manufacturer’s tradition of craftsmanship, honouring natural materials and respecting the environment. Passion for authentic material and connection with one’s roots. The challenge of new technologies, new materials and their relation to tradition. This dichotomy underpins the concept of the table "Bree e Onda".

Photo Credit: Fabio Passon & Marco Savorgnani