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Dining Table Sarma

  • Company
    Railis Design
  • Director
    Renats Kotlevs

Luxury Live edge Dining Table SARMA. This modern dining table is handmade from old, reclaimed oak with a embeded fine copper inlay into the wood, finished with 5 layers of clare epoxy resin which gives a super high glossy look. It is seated on trapezium copper legs. Great style can respect the environment and look luxurious in the same time. Thanks to used metal this table will visualy change. Eventually the copper on tables legs will age and its colour will become darker. It gives a sense of real live to this furniture. This table was made in 2 months and delivered to our client in December 2015. It is 100% handmade in every detail. We, at Railis Design, are directly inspired by the beauty and epic history of Iceland. Our furniture is mostly made from reclaimed and solid wood combaining it with different metals- copper, brass and bronze. For dining table SARMA most importantly is to preserve the natural pattern of the unique wood edge by injecting copper into natural wooden gaps.

Photo Credit: Railis Design
Credits: • L200cm x W100cm x H75cm. Legs - copper&wood, thickness 32mm. Width - 20cm, weights around 150kg. Our main task was to fullfil our clients dream- to have a unique dining table and put a piece of something very interesting in it. It was a challenge to find such a big piece of wood with a perfect and matching structure for making the copper inlay. We wanted to give both to this furniture- the sense of old and modern. finally we ve got modern with luxurious design and use of epoxy, but the sense of old is first of all in the piece of this very old wood and eventually in tables legs when the copper will start to age and change his colour.