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Bloop Coffee Table

  • Company
    Regular Company
  • Director
    Ruder Novak-mikulic
  • Design Team
    Marija Ruzic Marinko Murgic Tihomir Filipec

The Bloop collection of low tables is the result of the decomposition of the classic circular table with a central leg turned on a lathe. By shifting the axis of rotation of the three basic elements of this kind of table (base, leg and top) an unconventional spatial composition is achieved, and with the use of 5-axis technology all the functionality and stability of a use object is retained. A composition of several tables in a space in two different heights provides associations with the poetics of the ripples that spread regularly over the surface of water after a pebble has been cast in. The coffee tables are available in 6 different types of wood (oak, walnut, maple, elm, cherry and pear), with various natural finishes (oils and soaps).

Photo Credit: Regular Company