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Relax Light

  • Company
    Nina Mair
  • Director
    Nina Mair

The RELAX Light embodies a skillful combination of elegant lighting and highly effective acoustic absorbing systems. The charming RELAX Lights invades the interior space while neutralizing any loud or uncomfortable sound. The class A acoustic absorber, which is fully flush-mount within the ring of light, annihilates almost 100% of the sounds within the audible frequency range of the human voice. The surface of the circular acoustic element consists of the finest merino wool and surrounding it is a ring of up- and downlight LEDs while the entire object is suspended using extremely delicate steel cords. Hundreds of possible variations can be chosen from a selection of 36 colours for the fabric and aluminum surface, as well as a choice of 4 diameter dimensions ranging from 76 to 136 cm. The RELAX Light thanks to its timeless design can be set up within any type of architectural space as an attractive individual lighting element but also in a larger number as a more complex arrangement of lights. RELAX Light is the result of a collaboration between the designer Nina Mair, the company YDOL as a specialist in acoustic systems and planlicht, specializing in lighting technology.

Photo Credit: Nina Mair