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Artist Pendants

  • Company
    Bonnelycke Architects Mdd
  • Director
    Bonnelycke Mdd

The ARTIST pendants are extremely slim-line pendants with a output and yet a very comfortable light. The light itself is distrusted absolutely evenly from the ø400 or ø250 opalized shade, thanks to the special way we constructed the inner parts of the lamp. The design itself is so "streamline" and "smooth" - almost as if we designed it in one single line without lifting the pencil from the paper. It seems almost like the work of a fine silversmith. A very modern and at the same time classic design. The ARTIST pendants comes in two diameters: ø400mm and ø250mm. The surface options are: Glossy Copper Smooth Grey Smooth Black

Photo Credit: Bonnelycke Architects Mdd