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The First Bike Brake Light that actually works

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Bicycle and Bicycle Accessories
  • Company
    Overade, France
  • Lead Designer
    Jeremy Pointel
  • Design Team
    Philippe Arrouart, Clément Cailleau
  • Project Link
Lighting devices with automatic brake lights are booming. Safety wise it’s interesting for commuters to show their braking intention. But that none of this equipment works reliably.
OxiLum is a highly visible light with COB LEDs offering a great autonomy and fitting any helmet or bike. When located on the head, it allows riders to be seen from afar.
OxiBrake is a smart device to put on any brake lever, to be paired with OxiLum, to transform it into a brake light. When braking, pressing OxiBrake send a signal to OxiLum that lights up intensively. So people understand that you’re decelerating.

We are Overade, a team of bike enthusiasts. Our pleasure is to daily innovate to surprise you with nice products offering a great value added. Once again, this is what we did with OxiLum & OxiBrake.

Overade is more than 8 years old. But we can tell you that time has passed very quickly from the launch of our foldable helmet in 2014 to this amazing OxiLum & OxiBrake campaign. In between we’ve had a lot of ups , but some downs too, to be honest.

Today the company has customers around the world and our products are available in great retail chains.

Photo Credit: Overade