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Country Pick 2022 / / Student


  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in Design for Society/Designs for Social Impact
  • Lead Designer
    Taylor Rosenfeld
  • Design Team
    Taylor Rosenfeld, Sara Williams, Amanda Kong, Alan Toleu, Quint Bailey, Alejandro Marques, Bryce Kirksey
  • Project Link
  • University
    Savannah College of Art and Design

TacTile has three big touch-points for this space: The pavement, the tip of the cane, and the user’s mobile device. Our system works by feeding information from the tile to the cane tip with a sensor placed inside the cane. The sensor “hears” the RFID signal in the pavement and responds with a location, along with other data such as foot traffic and any warnings. Based on that data, the mobile app can provide the user with information like precise location and guidance, report how crowded an area is before they get there, and announce POI’s around the user as they navigate.

Photo Credit: Taylor Rosenfeld