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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Garden Theory, Packaging Development

  • Company
    Bold Scandinavia, Denmark
  • Lead Designer
    Muggie Ramadani
  • Design Team
    Muggie Ramadani (Creative Director), Muggie Ramadani (Designer), Emil Boye (Designer), Richard Hormia (Designer), Lea Halby (Project Manager)
  • Client
    Garden Theory

To create a brand name, a brand identity concept and a suite of packaging that would create a strong platform for establishing a position for an organic veggie gourmet soda
in the upper end of the soda market. We set out to create a clean, simple, understated identity and packaging concept that would tonally and visually position Garden Theory as an honest challenger ina crowded category. We created a simple logo symbolizing a year-round production with each letter representing a given month.

Bold Scandinavia is a strategic design agency built on the strong belief that good design is simply good for business. At Bold we think that strategic advice and successful design go hand in hand to develop a brand's positioning and visual identity, that's why we offer both. Our focus is to improve the business of our customers by creating attractive, effective - and yes of course - bold design.

Other prizes
My work has been nominated/shortlisted and won many international awards. It has also been featured in several international publications, magazines and websites.

Photo Credit: Bold Scandinavia