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Country Pick 2018 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Phebos Xenakis
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The Karekla-chair is a chair created from a series of neglected wooden shells that were gifted to our school by a Belgian company.
A simple adjustment of cutting the shell into segments made it into this one of a kind furniture piece.
When one decides to sit in the chair, the segments will succumb to the weight of the user and create a comfortable seating.
When the user stands back up again the shell returns to its original shape forming an almost sculptural object.
No additional springs or rubber bands have been added to the design. The flexibility is purely created by the wooden segments.

Phebos Xenakis is a young Belgian designer with Greek roots. From a young age Phebos Xenakis was attracted to the idea of creation. Later in his life he pursued this interest starting architecture in high school. Having finished high school he migrated to a rather different yet equally interesting field, product design. Over the years he specialized in designing furniture, mainly focusing on experimental pieces. After finishing two additional postgraduates (one being furniture design) he currently is exploring the new possibilities that can be found in the furniture industry.

Other prizes
A Design Award Gold 2017 European Product Design Award Silver 2017 A Design Award Silver 2018 European Product Design Award Silver 2018

Photo Credit: Phebos Xenakis