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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

David Rockwell for Gaia&Gino with Casa International

  • Company
    Rockwell Group, United States
  • Lead Designer
    David Rockwell, FAIA
  • Design Team
    Studio Leader: Barry Richards Staff: Marco Gallegos and Shunyi Wu
  • Client
  • Other credit
    Photos Courtesy Of Gaiagino

Our inspiration for the collection comes from the dialogue that happens when bent and folded organic, lyrical forms meet industrial materials and fabrication processes. Each of our three lights has a dynamic form that keeps the eye moving.

Ribbon: This sculptural black or white steel table lamp has a delicate, sinuous curve that cradles and reflects the light source.

Twist: Representing a new typology in lighting, the Twist is a side table, stool, and light source simultaneously.

Spiral: Sheets of perforated black steel embrace each other to form a totem floor lamp.

Photo Credit: Rockwell Group
Credits: Photos Courtesy of GaiaGino