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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Edge rug

  • Company
    Ingrid Külper Design Ab/ Mattahari, Sweden
  • Lead Designer
    Ingrid Külper
  • Client
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photo By: Ewa Nordell Fotofralla

Playing with squares in this square area rug. The lines are tufted with bamboo fiber, while the base is tufted in New Zeeland wool with some bamboo fiber for extra shine and softness.

Focus is to add a subtle feeling of interest to a room with a rug that melts in to any kind of interior without being dominante nor invisible.

Other prizes
ePDA silver 2017 A´design and competition award 2017 silver IDA 2017 Gold German design Award winner 2018

Photo Credit: Ingrid Külper Design Ab/ Mattahari
Credits: Photo by: Ewa Nordell Fotofralla