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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Le mille e una notte

  • Company
    Unica , Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Roberto Semprini
  • Design Team
    Unica, Roberto Semprini
  • Project Link

"Le mille e una notte. Infinite moments for timeless spaces"
The charm of Oriental nuances rationalized by Italian design. “Le mille e una notte” captures feelings; Gold illuminates black, empty spaces open the surfaces: each work in the collection breathes the internal contrast between east and west, between aesthetic pleasure and function. The textures which enliven the creations are the result of research and mastery, the unmistakable sign of a simply unique design.
“Le mille e una notte” is for lovers of perfection, for those searching for a priceless contrast between mystery and reason.

Photo Credit: Unica