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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional


  • Company
    Normand Couture Design, Canada
  • Lead Designer
    Normand Couture
  • Client
    Couture Jardin

FLEXI Sofa, from COUTURE Jardin, offers the utmost in versatility, no matter your age, it simply adapts to you and will surely make you smile.
Thanks to a clever mechanism, interchangeable backs, arms and tables rotate and lock at any desired position. Create a sofa, tête-à-tête, chaise or bed in the wink of an eye. Chat with your loved ones, watch TV, use your laptop, sip a drink, take a nap fulfilling all your comfort Needs, add a chair or another sofa to make a sectional or a double bed.
FLEXI is available both for indoor or outdoor with a 100% recyclable structure in steel or aluminum.

I am a product designer specialised in indoor and outdoor furniture both for residential and commercial use.
I design for companies in Canada, USA and China.
My designs have been sold in over 60 countries.
I am also partner with my son in COUTURE Jardin, an outdoor furniture based in Florida USA for which I am the sole designer.
Generaly besides designing products I also get involved in marketing my designs and participates in exhibitions with my customers.

Other prizes
7 Pinnacle Awards 6 Vulcain Awards 1 Design Canada Award 4 Canadian Medalion Awards 4 Canadian Grand Medalion Awards 1 Publicity Club Award 4 Habitas Award 1 Best Innovation Award 1 Kapok Prize

Photo Credit: Normand Couture Design