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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Black Labyrinth

  • Company
    Artenemus, Switzerland
  • Lead Designer
    Eckhard Beger
  • Design Team
    Eckhard Beger

Black Labyrinth by ArteNemus is a vertical chest of drawers with 15 drawers. Its dark architectural appearance is brought to life by light marquetry rays with three focal points as their origin. The intriguing conception and mechanism of the drawers complements its understated outline. The wood structure is covered with black dyed ebony veneer while the marquetry is made from flamed maple. The surface is oiled to achieve the satinated finish.

Black Labyrinths outline is inspired by the clean lines of the Bauhaus styles while the outline of the drawers is inspired by Asian medical cabinets.

Eckhard Beger, contemporary art furniture designer from Geneva, Switzerland, has gained international recognition for his designs, which emphasize conception, aesthetics and wood art craftsmanship. Since 2012, his creations have been awarded more than 20 international design prizes and his work has appeared in exhibitions in Milan at the Museo Poldi Pezzoli as well as at Venice Design 2016 & 2017 in the context of the Architecture & Art Biennale and at PAD in Geneva in 2018. Eckhard Beger is a self-taught designer who was trained as an engineer and MBA.

Other prizes
Exhibitions: Exhibition of Labyrinth at PAD Genveva from 31 January to 4th February 2018. Exhibition of Labyrinth, Commode and Octopia at “Venice Design 2016” in the context of the 15th Architecture Biennale at Palazzo Michiel from 28 Mai to 27 November 2016 Exhibition of Labyrinth as part of “Quasi segreti” at Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan/Italy from 15 March to 25 April 2016 Awards: Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Design and Architecture Good Design Award 2017 European Product Design Award 2017 Silver Prize Winner for Literis London International Creative Competition 2016 Artist of the Year award for Literis Honorable Mention for Literis Lux European Cultural Award 2016 Shortlisted for ECC Award International Design Award (USA) 2016 Third Prize for Literis Honorable Mention for GalaxiA Honorable Mention for Literis Lux A'Design Award & Competition (Italy) 2016 Bronze Award for Literis Bronze Award for Literis Lux International Design Award (USA) 2015 : Second Prize pour Shift London International Creative Competition 2015 : Shortlist Award pour Shift A’Design Awards (Italie) 2015-2016 : Iron Award pour Shift London International Creative Competition 2014 : Finalists Award for Labyrinth Shortlist Award pour Torso F&M A’Design Awards (Italie) 2014-2015 : Silver Award for Labyrinth Internationa Design Award (USA) 2014 : Third Prize pour Labyrinth London International Creative Competition 2013 : Finalists Award for Octopia Honorable Mention Award pour Galaxia A’Design Awards (Italie) 2013-2014 : Bronze Award for Octopia International Design Award (USA) 2013 : Second Prize pour Octopia London International Creative Competition 2012 : Finalists Award pour Commode A’Design Awards (Italie) 2012-2013 : Bronze Award pour Commode International Design Award (USA) 2012 : First Prize pour Commodia

Photo Credit: Artenemus