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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Chalk Color It Book

  • Company
    Jaq Jaq Bird, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Grace Paik
  • Project Link

While living in Europe, I fell in love with the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Desiring to instill this love of creativity for children, I designed a line of reusable chalk coloring books, highlighting great artists. This Van Gogh design is one of the originals.

The Van Gogh Chalk Color it Book (measuring 8"x8") includes 8 pages of his iconic paintings for children to color. The book includes a small pocket, containing 4 zero-dust Butterstix® chalks. Normal chalks may also be used. Compact & light, it's easy for small hands to hold and fits well into bags, making it great for on the go.

Jaq Jaq Bird was started by Chicagoan mom of three, Grace Paik, in 2005. She made her first product by hand--the Chalk Mat, chalkboard on one side, placemat on the other. Due to the dust produced by the chalks and fear about it getting into food, she worked with chemists to create a non-toxic dust-free chalk, patenting ButterStix®. Jaq Jaq Bird now specializes in zero dust products, its mission to make unique & beautiful products that will instill creativity & joy in the hearts of children. Grace continues to design and invent every product, her latest being the Chalk Color it Book.

Other prizes
-Chalk Doodle it and Go received the Fundamentally Children's Good Toy Guide Accreditation in 2017 (UK).

Photo Credit: Jaq Jaq Bird