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Country Pick 2018 / / Student

Embedded Popcorn Bucket

  • Lead Designer
    Zhang Zhongyang, Wang Siwen, Han yu, Yang Ling
  • Design Team
    Zhang Zhongyang, Wang Siwen, Han yu, Yang Ling
  • University
    Changsha University of Science & Technology

When we have been watching a film for a long time and we do not want to eat the popcorn, the popcorn bucket will become encumbrance for us. It can be used in hands as usual under usual status. When we need to place the bucket, we can tear the packaging at the bottom along the presupposed track. There is a rounded convex column designed at the bottom of bucket. Its size is the same as cola cup with common paper, and it can be placed and stuck in the groove, so as to the problem that there is no place to put the large popcorn buckets.

Other prizes
2017 Reddot

Photo Credit: Zhang Zhongyang, Wang Siwen, Han Yu, Yang Ling