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Country Pick 2018 / / Student

Double Circulation

  • Lead Designer
    Jiankun Sun
  • Design Team
    Kairui Wan,Yi Zhou
  • University
    Wuhan University of Technology

This blackboard is designed for the dust problem and writing record of traditional chalk blackboard and the finite writing area problem. With the gear and belt form, the blackboard can be recycled indefinitely. The writerdoes not need to move the position.The main control section of the blackboard erases the handwriting on rolled belt and collects the chalk powder, and automatically makes the chalk again.In order to avoid the students to take notes in the class while taking classes, it is easy to miss the knowledge points. The main control area will scan text before wiping the handwriting,

Other prizes
2017 A'Design Award & Competition,Bronze Award 2017 China Red Star Original Design Award,winner 2017 China Good Design,Award nomination 2017 Huanghei Cup Industrial ,gold Award 2017 HongKong Annual Design Award,Silver Award

Photo Credit: Jiankun Sun