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Country Pick 2018 / / Student

Grow Crib

  • Lead Designer
    Jiankun Sun
  • Design Team
    Kairui Wan
  • University
    Wuhan University of Technology

This design of crib is based on the sustainable design concept.For the growth process of children, three usage mode are set.The first model is the infant bed which is used in infancy, and the swing mode is less noisy and more comfortable.The second mode is the children's desk mode, the top of shelves can be suspended lamps and other objects;The third mode is the hanger mode, which can hang large amounts of clothing,and the bottom of cribs can be used as baskets to store toys, clothing,etc.Just one product can meet the needs of children from infancy to adolescence and even adults.

Other prizes
2017 A'Design Award & Competition,Bronze Award 2017 China Red Star Original Design Award,winner 2017 China Good Design,Award nomination 2017 Huanghei Cup Industrial ,gold Award 2017 HongKong Annual Design Award,Silver Award

Photo Credit: Jiankun Sun