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Country Pick 2018 / / Student


  • Lead Designer
    Jiankun Sun
  • Design Team
    Kairui Wan, Yi Zhou
  • University
    Wuhan University of Technology

This stirring bar can re-heat drink and identify the drink hot or cold. It is designed for Status quo that the hot drink always becomes cold before it is drunk up.When stirring hot drinks,The bar can absorb and store heat.The transparent part of the stirring bar is made of food grade silicone material which is filled with Sodium acetate anhydrous. Rotating handle release can heat and re-heat the drink again without affecting the taste. It can be recycled use without any extra energy consumption and the ribbon on the handle can display the drink hot or not.

Other prizes
2017 A'Design Award & Competition,Bronze Award 2017 China Red Star Original Design Award,winner 2017 China Good Design,Award nomination 2017 Huanghei Cup Industrial ,gold Award 2017 HongKong Annual Design Award,Silver Award

Photo Credit: Jiankun Sun