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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

T-Art Eco2

  • Company
    Wolfram Design/engineering, Germany
  • Lead Designer
    Sebastian Wolfram
  • Design Team
    Sebastian Wolfram, Steffen Göbel, Christian Mogel, Jonathan Hillig, Peter Brogli, Martin Heinzelmann
  • Client
    Tiba Ag
  • Project Link


The T-ART eco2 storage heating stove skillfully combines retro and modern design, which allows it to seamlessly integrate into any room layout. Technology and energy efficiency are its top priorities. It shines through the eco2 series' finesse. The GO heating module is designed for difficult chimney conditions. You only fill the stove with wood and ignite - self-closing doors, patented air supply automation, and top-down burning technology take care of the rest. Due to its design, the stove is well-suited to meet the requirements for energy efficient construction.

Photo Credit: Wolfram Design/engineering