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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional


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    Renato Pongrac, Croatia
  • Lead Designer
    Renato Pongrac
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    Photo By: Renato Pongrac

Notebook EKOTEKA is a products resulting from the merger of textile waste, recycled paper and organic materials. They are designed in order to be fully usable and that in their production is use as many old and discarded materials. Goal is to provide and encourage social and sustainable development by using recycled materials with a direct impact on the quality of the environment, the production without the generation of waste, optimizing, 100% utilization and the extension lifetime of the product.

Renato is a designer and innovator. Through his work, he connects socially responsible design and the environment. With this approach, the design follows social and environmental criteria and is oriented toward solving social and environmental issues. He is the founder of the brand Ekoteka by which he develops innovative approaches to the creation of new products by using and combining waste textiles, paper and organic materials. He has won several prestigious awards and participated in national and international exhibitions.

Other prizes
2015, 1st Place in the category best overall program Croatian Green Economy, Croatian Green Award, Zagreb, Croatia 2015, Special Award on the general topic of public competition "Innovative solutions popularize green economy", Croatian Green Award, Zagreb, Croatia 2015, A’ Design Award, Bronze A’ Design Award, Italy 2016, Green Product Award Selection 2016, Germany

Photo Credit: Renato Pongrac
Credits: Photo by: Renato Pongrac