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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

Dune Collection

  • Company
    Paolo D'Arrigo Design Studio, Italy
  • Lead Designer
    Paolo D'Arrigo
  • Client
    Anima S.R.L.

The DUNE Collection has its roots in a mix of fine solid wood and solid surface. The curvaceous, unbroken shapes of the washbasin top create natural niches for the washbasin itself and the soap dish. The feel of the unit produces a wave of sensation that makes you want to caress it. The respect for the environment is evident in the use of oiled-wood finish of the furniture, the stainless steel tapware with progressive cartridges for energy saving and the absence of chemically produced finishes.
DUNE collection has already won the German Design Award 2018.

Photo Credit: Paolo D'arrigo Design Studio