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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

ID Collection

  • Company
    FABRI, Portugal
  • Lead Designer
    Inês Sabino
  • Design Team
  • Project Link

The challenge for this collection was to design pieces with as
many functions as possible, in order to fulfil as many needs as
possible in the modern home. A kitchen is now the functional
and social hub of the home, and the challenge was to design a
collection that would reflect this and become an asset to the
home in total, not only the kitchen.

This collection has 2 shapes with 6 functions :
Serve: countertop which allows the serving of drinks and
Hide: when integrated in the kitchen countertop it creates a
minimalist look, while hiding what’s stored on the inside,
maximizing the available space.
Carry: Built-in wheels and handle that facilitates effortless
Store: interiors which allows to store different objects.
Decorate: design that can be used in several rooms of the
Seat: tall chair to be used on the kitchen at a breakfast nook,
or at another place of the house to assist the tea trolley. The
inside was designed to store books.

Both items in this collection have built in wheels and handles
to allow for easy transition between the 6 functions that the
units can perform. Both the chair and the tea trolley can be
integrated into a standard kitchen counter, and from there can
easily be pulled out to be used as a mobile countertop and
serving unit, or a chair. The interior of the units can house
various objects to maximise storage space in a home, while
still being beautiful and adding to the aesthetic value of a
space. The wheels are concealed underneath the units to
ensure ease of movement without compromising the
aesthetics of the Collection. The mobility of the unit is what
allows it to transform from a concealed piece of a kitchen into
useful units in any room of the house.

Photo Credit: Fabri