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Country Pick 2018 / / Professional

The Edge

  • Company
    Caldero Limited-Skyworth Digital Technology Co.Ltd, China
  • Lead Designer
    Haoxiang Hu
  • Design Team
    Leo Carlton, Lu Yu
  • Client
    Caldero Limited
  • Project Link

Existing set top boxes were normally
designed and produced as low price
materials and its appearance was
unattractive and look cheap because they
only do functional output, so most of the
users put them in a secret place or just
hide it.

Moreover,Boring black boxes are a large
number of considered to be mass production
within the industry and it is often the
default behavior to put a PCB in a normal
black plastic box which traditional
technology companies produced.

Therefore, a little idea may change a
lot.This concept which the simple light
line makes thing different with thinking
of less is more.

More than simple.

Photo Credit: Caldero Limited-skyworth Digital Technology Co.ltd