Taga Team

Design For Humanity 2021

Interview with Taga Team about ePDA Design for Humanity of the Year: EyeControl

Q: How did the idea for this project come about? 

Eyecontrol is a communication system for locked-in patients which transforms their eye movements into voice.  The individual is conscious and sufficiently intact cognitively to be able to communicate with eye movements. Being a locked-in patient is an unbearable experience. We wanted to create an opportunity for such patients to experience communication with their environment and to create a sense of ability without compromising on functionality but in a financially affordable way.

Q: The Design for Humanity Award is high praise for companies that keep pushing forward in the name of helping people. What does it feel like to win this award? 

We are more than excited to be recognized for this important product with the honorable status “design for humanity”. What drives us most is the desire to generate genuine innovation in the world and to create a real impact on humanity, whether it’s to design a product that improves the quality of life for people with complex medical conditions, or in any other area that can create a positive echo in the world.

Q: From a practical standpoint, what were the first questions and concerns your team had to face at the beginning of the project?  

There are many similar systems like Eyecontrol, but they are not budget-friendly for most patients. So, we set out to help to develop a high-end product, which does not fall short in its capabilities to support communication and is still affordable so every patient and family can purchase one.

Q: What would you say was the biggest challenge throughout this journey? 

Our dream was to enable all locked-in patients to communicate with their friends and family, at a fraction of the cost of existing products.

Q: If there would only be one secret to the success of a design team, what would it be?

Our work discipline is the “Israeli way” which means that nothing is impossible. We have the willingness to “walk through walls”, become very creative, innovative and turn every stone in finding solutions. Our overall approach is to reach a breakthrough in every category, with every new product that we design and develop for our customers.

Q: Technology related to health is an ever-evolving platform. What would you say is the secret to stay cutting edge in this area nowadays? 

We constantly strive to learn new technologies and mapping all the trends, what can be adaptive in medical devices, identifying new manufacturing technologies and more. For example there is a large shift towards home use medical devices which we are involved with.

Q: After this huge success, is there something new in the pipeline for you (if you can share it with us)?

This year we are focusing most of our attention and resources on learning, designing, creating, and developing projects in the field of medical robotics, in both physical and digital products.

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