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Riding into the Future: The Automotive and Transport Innovations of 2023

June 4, 2024

With the rise of electrically powered vehicles comes new innovations in the world of automobiles, boats, and buses. The 2023 EDPA winners demonstrate how these design changes will effect our everyday lives, from the cars we drive to the way we fuel them. Design will focus on making vehicles more customizable. People will be able to easily personalize their vehicles to suit their preferences and needs. This shift will give consumers more control over their transportation experience, making it feel more tailored to their individual lifestyles.

Vatoz by Timur Bozca

The top design winner in the automotive category, 'Vatoz' is a groundbreaking new yacht design. Made of carbon fiber, it is cutting edge in both design and functionality. 

VDL New Generation Citea by Team MODYN

Inspired by modern city scapes, Team MODYN has created a fully electric bus. The slick interior design caters not only to the riders but to the bus driver as well.

ÖN AC charger by bigD Team

Created for Urlatec, this newly designed and proprietary EV charging box is like no other. With it's user friendly design, it has improved in terms of maintenance accessibility and installation.

URLO by Andrea Ciampaglia

Created by designer Andrea Ciampaglia, URLO's purpose is to push exterior car design into the future. Ciampaglia's mission is to take what we know about car design and flip it on its head.

Cargo & Share by César Mendoza

Cargo & Share sets off to combine design and function in ways never seen before. By greatly increasing the carrying capacity, Cargo & Share is able to increase functionality and usability.


YBreeze 75 by YYachts

The YBreeze 75 was created to combine the ease of yachting and the magic of sailboats. A new ergonomic design allows the riders to feel as though they are on a thrilling sailboat with the comfort of a modern vessel. 


As technology advances, and new methods are brought to the forefront such as AI, we can only imagine the future of what our transportation will look like. The 2023 EDPA winners present to us a small microcosm of this greater change soon to come. We look forward to seeing the 2024 designs and the new ideas and designs that they bring.

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