Top 10 Innovative Kitchen Gadgets for Your Modern Home

February 16, 2022
The winners of the ePDA 2021 competition have created some extra unique goods that might be a very useful component of your kitchen and make your everyday routines easier.
ESN00 Smart Nutrition Scale

ESN00 Smart Nutrition Scale - Tyler Nikitas

The Etekcity ESN00 Smart Nutrition Scale makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle simple. The ESN00 is versatile and precise, measuring up to 5000 grams in g, oz, lb, or mL. Users can link their scale to the VeSync app to scan barcodes or manually search the USDA database for foods to see 12 nutrition information for each meal. Users can track daily, weekly, and monthly trends and set future objectives using cumulative graphs and a Nutrition Diary. Users may sync information from VeSync to their preferred health apps, such as Apple Health and Fitbit®, for a more streamlined experience.

Cuisine Machine - Matthew Langford

Cuisine Machine is a patent-pending fully automated countertop appliance that makes food from pre-programmed Electronic Recipe Cards. The user chooses a recipe, fills the ingredient containers with the contents, and starts the cooking process. The product regulates the pressure and temperature of the cooking bowl automatically, and adds each ingredient at predetermined intervals based on the recipe program. This ensures that each ingredient is cooked to perfection without the need for extra user input, allowing customers to make incredible recipes with a single button click.
Cuisine Machine
induction hob with integrated extraction

NikolaTesla Fit - Fabrizio Crisà

NikolaTesla Fit is the newest addition to Elica's extremely successful NikolaTesla line, designed to suit the rigorous standards of customers unwilling to compromise on quality, even in cramped quarters. NikolaTesla Fit is the world's first induction hob with integrated extraction, available in two sizes: 60 cm and 72 cm: a technological marvel in which cooking and extraction are flawlessly combined in a space that allows installation in kitchen bases as narrow as 56 cm. The extractor heart is fully hidden inside the induction hob. It can be operated with just a little pressure on the middle section.

Vacuum Sealer | Fresko - Andrea Ragazzo

Ragazzo Design Studio is a Hong Kong-based Italian industrial design and engineering studio that specializes in designing user-centric, emotional designs that are simple to mass-produce. Our strategy is to combine usability and feasibility into something truly stunning. "We were called by an existing client with whom we had worked for many years to build a product identity for home appliances, a new product area they wished to join. They wanted to create smart home gadgets that solved common problems with style and comfort "
vacuum sealer
Slim Led Touch Built-in Oven

Slim Led Touch Built-in Oven - Murat Hondu

With its full-touch led user interface as a straightforward and elegant approach that defies time, the Vestel Slim led-touch oven breathes new life into the built-in oven concept. An exquisite diamond-cut finish inox handle is coupled with an icon-based UI over the Duo Design® matte glass application. Hot and damp air from the oven is kept from reaching the user thanks to the proprietary "HotAirShield®" technology. Furthermore, a wifi connection enables remote operation of the oven. With two primary fans with ring resistances and air apertures on each tray level, HeatWrap® technology enables multi-tray cooking.

Rules - Fabrizio Crisà

Rules was created to blend perfectly with any kitchen. Rules is available in a variety of finishes, including black glass, DEKTON®, and naked, which can be covered with the same material as the cabinets. The 60-90-120 cm models provide a completely customizable solution, thanks to an innovative mechanism that allows for depth modification during installation. Rules virtually disappears into the wall when reduced to a minimal thickness of 21 cm; the depth can be adjusted to 36 cm to match the cabinets.
head free hood
open suite

Open Suite - Fabrizio Crisà

Open Suite is a modular framework that allows you to add a new dimension to your kitchen space, with an instantly recognizable industrial style that adds personality to the room. It allows you to make your own version by merging several 80 cm modules to suit your preferences. Additional accessories can be added starting with the four basic ones. A huge LED light panel is located on the lower front side of the hood. Vocal Assistant and the Elica App can be used to interact with the Open Suite.

Duo sparkling water machine - Amit Avigdor

The SodaStream DUO is the company's first sparkling water maker featuring a dual system that includes a glass bottle and a reusable plastic bottle so you can enjoy bubbles at home and on the go. This product, which is marked with a Carbon Footprint stamp, is both convenient and environmentally friendly. Even more convenience is provided by the DUO's simplified cylinder replacement. The cylinder can be inserted quickly and easily thanks to the innovative patent-pending Quick Connect cylinder technology. Furthermore, the DUO is distinguished by its sleek and compact appearance.
sparkling water machine
worktop hood


With its revolutionary design, the Flow-in Pro combines a worktop hood with an induction cooktop. The notion of "seamless perfection" was established, with particular emphasis paid to features such as maintaining the hob surface and grill on the same plane, or emphasizing on convenience of use, such as the "plug&play" function or eco-friendliness. The hood's 210 mm body height and lowest depth allow it to be used with a 60 cm counter while taking up less room. The Plug & Play structure eliminates the requirement for a pipe kit and maximizes energy efficiency. Each side of the reversible grill is available in black or stainless steel.

Lavello Sinks - Rick Bazerghi

Meir's kitchen sink collection was formed out of organic demand from customers who were dissatisfied with the variety and quality of colored sinks available on the global market, which were usually electroplated and scratched and deteriorated quickly. The company solved this problem by integrating the latest nanotechnology breakthroughs with an ecologically friendly PVD finish technique, resulting in a very high-quality and luxurious sink that withstands abrasion and wear to the point of being nearly scratch resistant.
gold sink

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