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Scacco Matto evo

  • Prizes
    Top Design Winner in CONSUMER ELECTRONICS/Audio: Wireless/Bluetooth Speakers
  • Company
    cappucciodesignstudio, Thailand
  • Lead Designer
    Francesco Cappuccio
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    Photo By Gaetano Del Mauro
Taking inspiration from the 1960s radical design movement, the project attempts to blur the boundaries between art and design and encourages audacious investigations of color, texture, and form. The five potential combinations are reminiscent of a chess game, thus earning the name Scacco Matto, which translates to checkmate in Italian.
The Bluetooth speaker/Lamp is composed of three Wireless components held together by magnets to encourage users to interact with them, changing their appearance and functionality. The three components can be simultaneously recharged one on top of the other.

Italian architect and designer Francesco Cappuccio operates under the motto “Form follows Function and Viceversa”.Born in 1967 in Caserta, Italy, studied architecture at the University of Naples (1994) and graduated with a Master degree in Industrial Design (1997).
Francesco took part in numerous contest of design all around the world, getting awards and publications on specialized magazines. Among those received are:
Red Dot Design Award
Silver A'Design Awards
First Prize for “The Significant Furniture” International Competition “Aldo Morelato Foundation

Other prizes
Muse Design Award Gold 2023 Silver A'Design Award in "Furnitures" A'Design Award in "Arts & Crafts" A'Design Award in "Lighting Products" EPDA Gold IES New South Wales Award of Commendation Three Shortlisted Designs for OLED LIGHTING International Design Competition First Prize in international competition “Perfect Pitch Trainer Challenge” by SKLZ First Prize in international competition “Great Garage Door Design” by AMARR Louis XXI (coffee table) become part of the Museum permanent collection of M.A.A.M Bronze Prize at international competition ” Kitchen gadgets of the future” Shortlisted for the international competition “Dining in 2015″ Third Prize at international competition “Legno e progetto” Calligars Shortlisted for the international competition “Premio Vico Magistretti” First Prize in international competition “New Puller for LAMPO” Bronze Prize & Special Selection at Incheon international competition Red Dot Design Award First Prize in international competition of design “The Significant furniture 07″

Photo Credit: Cappucciodesignstudio
Credits: Photo by Gaetano Del Mauro