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2021 / / Student

OWHITE CalmDryer

  • Lead Designer
    Konstantin Weid
  • Project Link
  • Other credit
    Photo By: Konstantin Weid
  • University
    Nuremberg Institute of Technology

The CalmDryer is a hair dryer that brings peace in the bathroom and fits perfectly on any shelf with its space-saving design inspired by the golden ratio. The form spreads a certain calm and reflects the connection to nature. During use the CalmDryer impresses with its special design: Simply lift it! Thanks to the start-stop automatic it will blow air at the last set level. When you put it down it switches off automatically. The aim is that the hair dryer appears tidy and calm thanks to its familiar egg shape. In this way it can stand on the washstand instead of awaken the need to put it away.

Photo Credit: Konstantin Weid
Credits: Photo by: Konstantin Weid