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2021 / / Professional

"Raznezhie" model range

  • Company
    Sea Tech Ltd., Russian Federation
  • Lead Designer
    Nikita Tseloukhov
  • Design Team
    Nikita Tseloukhov, Petr Ezhov, Alexandr Obidin, Ekaterina Burmistrova, Elizaveta Obidina, Irina Burmistrova
  • Project Link

"Raznezhie" model range of leisure boats based on combination of sets of module structural elements of hull and superstructure. Adding various elements to the base hull, which is a ready-to-use open-boat, customer can get a number of boat models for different types of water recreation. Vessel can be used as from recreational fishing boat to cruise boat and mini-houseboat.

Also, the customer has the opportunity to buy a package of ready-made documentation and with minimal coast and equipment to build this boat on their own.

Photo Credit: Sea Tech Ltd.