2020 / / Professional

Reducing re-excisions through True 3D Specimen Radiography

  • Company
    Choi Design Group, United States
  • Lead Designer
    Charles Choi, Jacob Stanton
  • Design Team
    Mark Pavel, Jacob Stanton, Colin Hearon
  • Client
    Clarix Imaging
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In breast conserving surgeries, surgeons compare images of removed tissue with the patient's mammogram to ensure they've removed all cancerous tissue. Traditional imaging is 2D and sometimes inaccurate, resulting in surgeons removing too little tissue, requiring a second surgery, or re-excision.

Clarix's True 3D technology allows tissue samples to be analyzed in the operating room during the procedure. The machine rapidly creates a precise, 3D scan of the tissue sample. Surgeons can then determine if additional tissue must be removed during one operation, reducing the need for re-excisions.

Photo Credit: Choi Design Group